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Connecting with under represented groups

Understanding candidates and their media consumption in order to accurately target and engage.

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We were tasked to work with our clients to more fully understand the under representation of one group within their employee make up. Once established, our brief was to increase brand awareness within this specific community and design a significant impact campaign that could properly reach these groups in an efficient and effective way.

Our team worked with Census data to fully get to know the under represented communities, cross referencing this data with profiling and TGI stats to identify their most recalled media formats. Building up a profile of candidates and how they consume information, we designed a campaign that prioritised 6 sheet, bus shelter and phone kiosk placement, as well as Radio and digital roll out (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Display, LinkedIn).

Increasing website traffic by 820% on the brand career page and noting over 206,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram, we delivered an incredibly high click through rate of 17.95%, 5 times the average. We also integrated £9,000 of free advertising space for our client into the campaign.