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Cracking the
‘hard-to-fill’ position

How small shifts in your offering can create a more attractive incentive to prospective candidates

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Looking to attract and recruit newly qualified graduate Psychologists, our client was experiencing a challenge often faced in niche recruitment campaigns. Weighing up prospective options, candidates were choosing to take up positions outside of Northern Ireland without realising the opportunities that were on offer within the country.

Reflecting on their recruitment experiences so far, The Formula reframed the client's position offering with tailored messaging which highlighted training, career progression, benefits packages and an insight into living and working in Northern Ireland. Using a people first strategy, we collaborated with the client's workforce to produce engaging video and photography content to deliver a genuine message to inspire and enthuse prospective candidates. Showcasing the many roles on offer, we streamlined the candidate journey using a clear and intuitive landing page to direct prospective candidates to FAQs, content and insight on the employer as well as running digital campaigns over Facebook, Google Search, Google Display and TikTok.

The campaign produced a remarkable 430% uplift in applications.

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