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Challenging outdated perceptions to reposition a brand exactly where they need to be.

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The Formula's was aware that the public perception of their organisation was outdated. It did not reflect the organisation as it stands today, or as an employer of choice. This was coupled with the challenge of an ageing workforce and an under-representation of men.

Combining research from TGI with IPA data as well as our own industry research and insights, we developed an overview of what our target candidates were really looking for in an employer. The Formula team developed supporting video content which challenged the perceptions of the organisations, showing the scope, opportunity and growth potential available within. Our campaign targeted the right people, at the right time, with engaging, updated and motivating information combining Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram as well as advertorial content, press advertising and outside.

The completed strategy delivered over 22000 applications with 55% coming from outside of the organisation and 64% of those being from candidates aged 18 - 39.